Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment

From your pointe to your turnout and core strength… we take a look at your body structure and dance technique to identify specific joints, muscles or movement patterns that are contributing to your symptoms.  With these findings, we provide on-site customized treatment plans consisting of exercise and manual therapy techniques designed to not just treat your pain, but get to the root cause of your symptoms.

Price: $150/hour


The Body Audit & Treatment

With specific findings from a comprehensive injury prevention or pointe readiness screen, we will design a specialized, evidence based treatment program including exercise and manual therapy that you can follow to ensure optimal joint alignment, mobility, and strength. When your body is in alignment, your risk of injury drastically decreases and you can take your performance to the next level.  

Price: $150/hour



Add these to your Restore or Optimize Session.  

Pre/Post-performance Body Work: Is your plie feeling limited? Are your muscles tired and sore after a long day of rehearsals?  We offer a variety of restorative manual therapies such as joint mobilizations, sports massage, tool assisted soft tissue work, stretching,  kinesio taping, and more focused on the areas you need it the most!

Price: $150/hour, minimum 30 minutes


For Dance Studios and Performing Companies

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Company Injury Risk Assessment and Corrective Exercise Programming

Pre-professional ballet training is demanding and the long hours spent in the studio working on technique and choreography place dancers at an increased risk for injury.  A comprehensive, dance-specific pre-season screen for your studio can help reduce risk of injury by highlighting functional deficits early on before injuries happen and allow dancers to work on potential problem area preventatively.  Based on injury risk assessment findings, a corrective exercise program will be designed specifically for your needs.

Price: $500 consultation and company analysis, includes a 1 hour in-person program implementation session

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Pointe Readiness Testing

A comprehensive screening to help determine objectively when a dancer is ready to go on pointe.  Screening tests include a thorough examination of ankle range of motion, balance, strength and neuromuscular control.


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Educational Workshops

Improving Turnout:  Are you forcing your turnout? Do you have more turnout than you can access?  Learn about the anatomy behind turnout and how forcing turnout can lead to hip, knee and ankle injuries then participate in stretches and exercises to increase your turnout safely for optimal alignment and improved performance.

Ankles 101:  Whether you’re recovering from an ankle sprain or working toward going on pointe, come learn ways to improve your strength and mobility.

Self-care for dancers: For dancers looking forward to a long career, taking care of your body is essential. Setting up good, healthy habits early on can help keep you dancing at your best!

Injury Prevention for Dance Teachers: You know how to nurture and motivate your students, but how do you keep your young dancers injury free during the performance season?  Learn about injuries common to dancers, ways to prevent them and what things might indicate more in-depth medical treatment is needed.

…and more!

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Meet Dr. Ruth Blake, PT, DPT, MHA

With a background in dance, movement has always been an important part of my life. As a dancer, I understand how frustrating it can be when pain or injury prevents you from moving freely and how good it feels when you can get back to moving optimally. As a physical therapist, I am passionate about supporting you through the rehabilitation process and helping you overcome pain and injury to achieve your goals.