Gymnastics can be an amazing opportunity for developing children to learn motor control and coordination, develop mental and physical strength, and build teamwork amongst peers. However, there are inherent risks that come with the physical demands placed on young bodies.

 Skills inherent to gymnasts require extreme ranges of flexibility in addition to the need to stay strong and explosive. For most athletes, one comes without the other. For your athlete, the perfect combination of strength and flexibility can make the difference between success and longevity and a career ending injury.

Team Workshops

Hosted at your gym. Lecture, discussion, demonstration, Q&A.

  • Stick the Landing (and Save Your Knees)

  • The Core: Power Gymnast with a Healthy Spine

  • Shoulders: Can you be strong and flexible?

  • More on request

Strength and Conditioning Programs

Development of personalized warm up, strength, and cool down routines specific to your gym's goals and individualized needs for optimized performance and decrease injury. 

On-Site Injury and Pain Care

I set up a portable treatment space and treat your athletes on site. No more lost time for injury and medical appointments!

I can help you not only take control of your pain, but understand and address the underlying cause of your symptoms. I utilize a combination of specialized corrective exercises, body mechanics training, and have received extensive training in manual therapy (joint mobilization, manipulation, myofascial release, massage, tool-assisted soft tissue release).

Injury Prevention Screens

The best time to prevent injury is before it starts.  I have developed a specialized screen specific to the needs of gymnasts that will help determine where you may be at risk for injury and where your perfomance may be limited. 

Based on the results of the screen, you will receive a personalized program to address any findings.

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Dr. Keaton Ray

Doctor of Physical Therapy

About Me

I spent 10 years as a competitive gymnast until ending my career with a broken ankle at the end of my level 9 season. Still in love with the sport, I went on to coach throughout college, taking one young gymnast to the California State Champion title.  I earned my B.S. in Athletic Training from University of the Pacific in 2011 and my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Duke University in 2014.

I have a passion for helping young athletes decrease the incidence of injury, prolong the longevity of their careers, and address movement impairments to aid in optimal athletic performance.  I have a unique skillset that comes from being a competitive gymnast, a coach, an athletic trainer, and a doctor of physical therapy.


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy- Duke University

  • Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist

  • Certified Athletic Trainer

  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • Competitive Level 9 Gymnast (a long time ago)

  • 5 Years Competitive Gymnastics Coaching experience


Any amount of lasting pain is too much pain for these athletes.

It is essential for the health and sustainability of your gymnast to address the minor aches and pains, mobility restrictions, and movement dysfunctions that lead to chronic repetitive stress injuries.

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I've Still Got It...

Last year after having not tumbled for over 7 year I decided to attempt an Adult Gymnastics Class.  After several hours of warming up and pushing the limits I decided to get a little brave.  This may be the last tumbling pass I ever do...but at least its on record! 

PS. I couldn't walk the next day. But it was worth it!