Physical Therapy Evaluation & Treatment

From the way your feet support your body, to the way you walk,  to the mobility in your hips, to your core strength...we take a full look at your body structure and running mechanics to pinpoint specific joints or movement patterns that could be contributing to your symptoms.. We then provide on-site treatment with a customized combination of exercise and manual therapy to not only help your pain, but get to the root cause of your symptoms.

Price: $150 per hour


The Body Audit & Treatment

With specific findings from a comprehensive injury prevention screen, we will design a specialized, evidence based treatment program including exercise and manual therapy that you can follow to ensure optimal joint alignment, mobility, and strength. When your body is in alignment, your risk of injury drastically decreases and you can take your performance to the next level.  

Price: $150 per hour

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Add these to your Restore or Optimize Session.  

Foot Analysis and Footwear Recommendation: Not all feet are created equal, so why should shoes be? We will take a detailed look at your shoe wear patterns and foot posture and make specific recommendations for strengthening and stability exercises, shoes, inserts, and foot/toe support.

Price: $25 add on

Race Specific Training Plan: Signed up for a race or marathon but not sure where to start? Recovering from injury and not sure how to progress your mileage? We design detailed training plans for any race distance. Let us help you design a routine that fits your schedule and goals.

Price: $350 for full program and regular follow-up correspondence

Post Run Body Work: Speed your recovery so you can get back on the trail. We offer a variety of manual therapies such as sports massage, tool assisted soft tissue work, myofascial, release, cupping, kinesio taping, and more focused on areas most prone to tightness in runners: IT band region, calves, and hips. The best part? You don’t have to leave the house!

Price: $150/hour, minimum 30 minutes

Slow Motion Video Analysis: Running form has been extensively studied to both pinpoint injury risk and performance enhancement.  Utilizing a running video analysis tool, we can compare your running mechanics to the norm and make specific adjustments to help you achieve that mileage, pain-free!

Price: $175 a la carte, $75 add on



Coach’s Consultation and Team Programming: You know how to create periodized training plans and how to motivate your runners, but how do you keep a large group of young runners injury free? Let us combine your team’s unique needs with the latest evidence-based drills and strength training techniques to give your top-seven the healthiest and most consistent season possible.

Price: $500 consultation and team analysis, 1 hour in person program implementation session


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Meet Dr. Heather Miller, PT, DPT

Heather was a scholarship Division I track and cross-country runner at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. When she developed an Achilles injury and an autoimmune disease at the same time, she quickly learned the value of flexibility and creativity in training plans aimed at preventing injury and keeping her running long-term.  Now armed with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and her continued love for running, she is working to empower runners in Portland to achieve their goals...whatever they may be!