We understand that starting a new exercise program can be intimidating, espcially when recovering from injury.  Even for the experienced exerciser, it can be a challenge to motivate yourself to stay consistent with your programming. 

At MX we've spent years studying exercise: the body mechanics, the load, the progressions, the risk of injury. We are Doctors of Exercise. 

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Optimize Sessions

With the philosophy that holisitic care should be preventative in nature, we designed our Optimize sessions to help us turn your physical limiations into your strengths before the onset of pain or injury.   Each session will be designed based on a comprehensive physical exam that will help you achieve your long term movement goals, prevent injury, improve performance, and move better.

Medically Based Fitness Programming

Beginning a fitness regime can be nerve racking after pain, injury, surgery, or a health condition. We are passionate about enabling our clients to return to their highest level of function with health specific group and individual fitness instruction. Whether you are already working with a personal trainer or looking to get started with one, we will work with your fitness team to make sure your program is safe and effective for your state of well-being.

Price: $150 per hour

Strength and Conditioning Coaching

Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, it often takes a trained professional to determine where your efforts are best focused. Whether you are starting a fitness program at 85 years old for the first time, an experienced lifter looking to perfect your form, or training to do a back flip…we have the skills to help you achieve your movement goals. We range from weekly one on one training, to fitness programming every 6 weeks, to one time training program reviews.

Price: $150 per hour

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